Toei Oedo Line
Roppongi Sta 4min


The Value of Being
within Walking Distance of 3 Train Lines

MAJES TOWER ROPPONGI was born at a location from which you’ll be able to walk to three train lines: the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and Chiyoda Line, and the Toei Oedo Line. You’ll be able to comfortably get where you need to be on foot for both business, where mobility is a must, and during your time off. Here, you’ll find that premium lifestyle that gives you the freedom to do whatever you want in the heart of Tokyo.

Getting Here

  • A 4-minute walk (about 320 m) from the condo to Roppongi Station (Exit/Entrance #7) on the Toei Oedo Line
  • A 5-minute walk (about 380 m) from the condo to Roppongi Station (Exit/Entrance #2) on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line
  • A 6-minute walk (about 430 m) from the condo to Nogizaka Station (Exit/Entrance #3) on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line

*The distances shown represent the approximate distances between the condo and the destinations on a map.
*The calculations are made based on a walking speed of 80 m per minute (rounded out). *Please be aware that the content shown is up-to-date as of June 2015 and may be subject to changes.
*The vicinity route map and zoomed-in site map are simplified maps; thus, there may be roads and other items not included in the illustration.
*Transferring and waiting time is not included within the travel times shown.
*Please be aware that travel time may differ depending on the time of day. *The travel times shown represent the shortest time required to reach the destination station during normal hours (between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.) and rush hours (between 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m.).
*Travel time required during rush hour is shown between the [ ] marks.
*The information shown is current as of June 2015.
*Walking pace is calculated at 80 m per minute (rounded out).


A Much-sought-after Location Is
Elevated to New Heights.

A miraculous scene will now become a part of your everyday life.
A prime location admired by many has been given new life through innovation and extensive support.
A project to revive the supreme quality of a dream property –
Witness the birth of MAJES – the high-class renovation condominium from TOKYU LAND CORPORATION.
A new frontier is born once again.


Experience the breathtaking view of the metropolis from Roppongi.

A majestic residence in the shimmering light of the heart of Tokyo.





Front-Row Seat : Roppongi

Roppongi is the driving force of eras; it is continually the birthplace of new culture and a bastion of fashion, as represented by the National Art Center, Tokyo, the Suntory Museum of Art, and Tokyo Midtown. In the midst of cutting-edge entertainment evolving each and every day, an ever-evolving Roppongi acts as the stage in the play of life, featuring both quality and prosperity.

Billboard Live TOKYO (Provided photo):
3-minute walk (About 200 m)
L’ATELIER de Joël Robuchon (Provided photo):
9-minute walk (About 650 m)
Grand Hyatt Tokyo (Provided photo): 9-minute walk (About 650 m)

Roppongi : In the Shadow of Trees

Roppongi is the driving force of eras; it is continually People are always talking about the bustle of Roppongi. It’s known as a town where the arts come together in the form of the Mori Art Museum, the Suntory Museum of Art, as well as the National Art Center, Tokyo. It’s also known as a town with a rich abundance of greenery, which you’ll find at venues like Hinokicho Park and Mohri Garden. Roppongi, a city of prosperity enveloped in high quality art and green scenery, is the stage for day-to-day life.

National Art Center, Tokyo (Provided photo): 1-minute walk (About 80 m)
Mohri Garden (Provided photo):
10-minute walk (About 780 m)
Hinokicho Park: 6-minute walk (About 460 m)

*The landscape photograph shown was taken in April 2012. *The distances shown represent the approximate distances between the condo and the destinations on a map. *The calculations are made based on a walking speed of 80 m per minute (rounded out). *Please be aware that the content shown is up-to-date as of June 2015 and may be subject to changes. *The photograph shown is an aerial photograph taken in September 2015 and modified with computer graphics. Thus, it may differ somewhat from the actual site. The vicinity environment may undergo changes in the future.


A Proud Tower
Which Creates Increased Value

This is a location chosen from among the best in Roppongi, where you’ll find right in front of you the National Art Center, Tokyo, and is quite close to Tokyo Midtown and Roppongi Hills. This residence is befitting of a celebration of the dignity of habitation and does not seek out ornate décor or equipment; rather, it is an artistic, high-quality tower residence acting in concert with an environment that features the aroma of the arts and rich greenery. We were thorough in the polishing of each and every aspect of the residence, from guest facilities to lighting production, and of course, carefully selected materials and designs.

A Design Representing the Pride of Roppongi

We consider a sort of Roppongi “essence” is necessary for people who love Roppongi. At the same time, there needs to be a relaxed appearance as a living place and an atmosphere that is welcoming to guests and friends. Each time you proceed to an entrance, you are invited to enjoy private time that is fraught with peace and quiet, as well as gentleness, so as to create a day-to-day life that is free from the ordinary.

Time and Space for Guest Visits

Take one step inside the building, and you will find yourself in a space which is characterized by peace and quiet and where privacy is kept safe. What is needed there is the evoking of time and atmospheres of hospitality befitting of being called the “prologue to relaxation.” Here at the residence you’ll find that we have high quality facilities presenting a sense of dignity, which will increase the level of your daily life; this includes a front service counter that will make a hotel-like day-to-day life by providing you with meticulous support. Every single aspect of spaces here was designed so that they would be pleasant to all five senses.

Forward Style Co., LTD.
President and Chief Executive Officer –
General Production

Masaaki Nambu

Forward Style believes that the comfort of living spaces is defined by the balance struck between the beauty, quality and functionality of their design. By providing approaches entailing interior design featuring ideas based on the perspective and lifestyle of the person living in the space, this company of design professionals has created numerous urban living spaces.

Major Accomplishment : “Cross Air Tower”: A Joint Venture (JV) among Tokyu Land Corporation, Tokyu Corporation, Mitsui Fudosan Residential, and Taisei-Yuraku Real Estate Sales - Involved in general supervision for the interiors of major common areas, and general production for specification design of individual private spaces and 3 model rooms


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